The Voice behind Phinehas Javelin

There you have it, next to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as for as I am concerned, one of the most inspirational stories in the bible. Let there be no mistaking that for myself the voice of Phinehas’s javelin, Jesus is the greatest Man to become deliverer of humanity to ever and still live.
There were many other great men and woman throughout the sixty six books of the bible that did great note whorty things, but for me personally, this story of Phinehas has become a battle cry in my latter years to action as I witness the continuing down fall of society, starting with the church that Christ died for first.
As a Christian, saved twenty three years ago, Pastor, Husband,father,and grandfather, I take what is happening to the church very seriously. To sit by and whatch it’s deteriation take place and not do or say anything is against everything I believe in. I Peter 4:17a, states,”For the time is come that judgement must begin at the house of God:” and this judgement will be on all who have made the profession of faith and then lived life with no faith.
You see, even though Jesus had not died for the sins of humanity yet, there was the Law which was a shadow of things to come, so Zimri, in our story, had no exscuse for the rebellion he showed to Moses and the others who were weeping for their own disobedience. His fate as a child of Isreal, and that of Cozbi, the Midianitish woman, will be the fate of any unrepentant Christian (sinner), and unbelieving, (that is in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior),person.
My name is David G. Grogan Sr., and as the Founder, Voice, and Chief Editor of Phinehas’s javelin, of Which the Word of God is, it is my prayerful intention to just tell the truth, and that according to the Word Of God. St. John 8:32 ” And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
We WILL speak again soon.

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