Well Done!

Just recently while watching TV, I came across the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”. After having seen it in part on other occasions, I had the opportunity to see it in full this time, while on vacation in sunny southern California I might add, sweet! but I digress. I noticed something in the movie I had not before. At the very end of the movie as the now aged Private Ryan stood in a national cemetery with his family, for he had gone to visit the grave sites of those he had fought with, especially the site of the Captain that Tom Hanks had played. He reminisced on what Tom Hanks had told him as he was dying, he said, “earn this”. I took this to mean, don’t let the death of those that came to take you home be in vain. As the aged Private Ryan stood, his wife walked up to him. He turned and asked her, ” Have I done well”, and once again I took this to mean, have I lived my life in a way that is worthy of my fallen comrades? During those D-Day battles, I can only imagine the death and carnage that took place, and as graphic a movie as Saving Private Ryan was, it probably pales to what really took place. That leads me to the question I would like to ask us, ” Have we done well”? For the Christian, this life is also filled with death and carnage. Most of the tine it is in more of a spiritual manner. The warfare that takes place in the heavens, often times with the saints of God right in the middle of them, can leave fields of destruction in the physical realm. God puts it on the hearts of other Christians to pray for their brothers and sisters that  are caught up in these wars, our lives depend on those prayers. It’s like the solders that were sent out to bring Private Ryan back, the prayers go out to God to rescue and bring back saints safely. So how do we live our lives after the saints have prayed and God has come to the rescue? Have we done well? Are we living our lives so when the time comes we will hear the words form God, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord”? I pray so. We don’t want the prayers of the Saints that have gone on before us to be in vain. And ultimately lets not be any more guilty of the blood of Jesus than we already have been. Let us live our lives well.

Proverbs 3:3-4

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