Because We’re Black?

Everyone I know, is keeping up with the news on the Michael Ferguson case, The Bill Cosby Woes, and the financial matters that tend to follow the not so Rev. Al Sharpton. The latter of course is the one that has all eyes on what could become that worst event since the Watts Riots. And all of this, because we are black? In all of my blogs I come from a Christian stand point, while not being ignorant of the carnal word view of what is taking place in society. I understand that there is an unequal number of blacks in the prison system, our unemployment is higher than all other ethnic groups, and from what we see on national television, more young blacks are being shout down in the streets than should be allowed. Yes, Black people are tired of what’s been going on, we are frustrated with the inequalities of black life, and we feel it is time for a change. From my Christian stand point, the change came over two thousand years ago, His name is Jesus, The Christ. Instead of the black Christian community turning to God for wisdom and understanding on how to truly deal with these woes, we say we have, and continue using the same mantra, It’s because we’re black. I think the black leaders that are truly saved, have forgotten who they serve and are feeling sorry for themselves, they have forgetting that Jesus is the Great Equalizer of all oppressed people, no matter what color they are. We, because I  am a black Pastor, and am watching this pitiful spectacle take place, need to make sure we truly believe that, if God be for us, He is more than the world against us. We need to start being honest with ourselves about the spiritual deterioration of our communities and churches. We allow our young men to talk, dress, disrespect elders, and the list goes on, and then say it’s because they are angry with the white man for all the  injustices they have done to us, past present and future, we know are going the come, because we are black. Slavery, and the Civil Rights era were truly unfortunate. They left a lasting legacy that will be in history forever, even until Christ return. But now besides the memory of them, we most let them go. They are not friends and are to be put away like pictures in a book of the past. Instead, because we are black, we let them, the memories of the past, keep us bound in anger, hatred and even rage, being stoked be unfaithful and ungodly ministers with personal motives, that are not for the edifying of this nation. Besides these ministers, you have the so-called civic leaders who’ s pride will go before their destruction, and their haughty spirits before their falls. We need to spend more time loving our children, communities, churches and nation enough, and not necessary in that order, to tell them the truth. Because we are black, the filthy music, sloppy clothes, parental friendships, dropping  out of school, drugs, alcohol, unattended children, drama, and the list goes on and on, causes us to be stand outs in society. Where there is color, there is beauty. If we would allow ourselves to, We could shine. But because we are black, we have become our own worst enemies, woe is us, we’ll prove we’re somebody. We will destroy our own communities, attack innocent people, and disrespect authorities. And all of this because we are black, and this is our payback to society. I will end with this, I can expect this from unsaved and godless people, but not from the household of faith. Remember church, this is where judgment must begin, in the house of God. And this is not, “Because We’re Black”.

Acts 10: 34 & 35

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