Cowards and/or Hypocrites, which is it. At the time of this post France has come under attack for its satirical look at Islam. Twelve people have been killed and scores injured. The media in the United States are trying to decide whether they will publish the images that got these poor people killed. The term, “freedom of speech” has come up of course, and grief is on display all over the world and the media. It is truly unfortunate that this has happened. In our country, the leaders of the nation are afraid  to confront Islam for what it is. What I think about Islam I will define in another post. But there seems to be no end to the restrictions and animus this country has towards true Christianity. No one seems to fear the consequences of coming against God’s elect, because we have become a nation of unbelievers. President Obama said it best when he said, and I quote, ” This is not a Christian nation”, unquote. This country is afraid of offending every nation and its leaders, but has no fear of God, and offending His elect. In case you don’t know, His people are His elect, the Christians that this nation is so quick to scoff at. So on the one hand this nation has become a nation of cowards, and on the other hand a nation of hypocrites. So I believe that answers the and/or question. The only other comment I will add to this post is, it is also a nation of reprobates. What is right in the eyes of God has become wrong to humanity, and what is wrong in the eyes of God has become right to humanity. And in this nation, don’t even mention Jesus, most people don’t want to hear about Him, let alone believe in Him. This thing that happened in France is just a part of the beginning of sorrows. As long as the cowards and hypocrites continue to defy The true and Living God and cast Jesus out of every aspect of their lives there will be no peace amongst mankind, whether you believe it or  not.

Isaiah 9:6&7


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