Our Poor Kids

Oh, “Our Poor Kids”. The kids of the  Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team, have come under the misfortune of losing their championship title Wednesday the 11th of February 2015, which they had won against the Las Vegas-based Mountain Ridge Little League team. This title allowed them to go on and play in the world championship game against South Korea, which they ultimately lost.

After reading story after story about the decision to strip the team of its title, vacate its victories, and suspend its manager, Darold Butler, and also to place the team on probation, not being able to compete in the tournament until its top leaders are replaced, I personally agree with the decision that was made. While the title was won by the kids on the field, it was the adults responsibility to make sure that the business off the field was put in order, apparently this was not done. I agree with the kids, they are true champions. The problem is with the adults in charge of putting things in order for these kids, they’re the losers. The worst part is not that they were either knowingly dishonest, or un-knowingly ignorant in how the team was put together. But now that they were caught by the League, or the league infraction has come to light, once again a racial foul is being called. I hope Mr. Victor Henderson, the attorney hired to determine the rights and wrongs of the case, will be the true voice of reason in this whole unfortunate situation.

“Our Poor Kids” deserve better. As a pastor, it is my responsibility to teach truth and integrity to all that will listen.Without doubt many of the families involved, whether they had kids playing on the team, or just involved in the support of the team, are Christians. If it is found that an infraction was done ignorantly, ( without proper knowledge of regulations), then it becomes a lesson learned for all involved. If it is found that dishonesty was involved in forming the team, then it also becomes a lesson learned, that cheaters will not prosper. The truth will come out eventually. Either way, “Our Poor Kids” deserve an apology. The un-reverend Jesse Jackson owes them an apology for once again leading them to the victim mentality. They need to know not everything unfortunate happens because of the color of their skin. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

I realize there are inequalities in our lives, in our society. But in all things Jesus Christ becomes and is the great equalizer. We need to teach our kids that honesty and integrity produce champions. In Jesus we are not victims. We need not cheat to win, and if we make mistakes we must learn to admit to them, and be prepared to suffer the consequences. Some of these consequences may seem, as it was put in one of the articles, overly harsh. Being a true champion is in the heart.

Hebrews 13:18

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