Deviant Children

It is a shame that I have to introduce such a terrible subject matter into my blog format, but in light of the current direction our society is moving in, in general with our children, I feel it’s time I try to address the incomprehensible desire some in our society have to turn our youth into, “Deviant Children”. From individual families in communities all over the world, to the politics of United States, and all the way to the United Nations, there is a perverse need to cause our children to move away from the original intent God had for their lives. Even if  you don’t believe in the God who created the heavens and earth and all that dwells within them, like your children, you will find yourself giving account to that very God on the day of judgement, that I am sure you also don’t believe in, when it comes, and believe me, it is coming.

So first off, what is Deviant? It’s defined as departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior: “deviant behavior”, “a deviant ideology”. It has several synonyms, some being: abnormal, irregular, nonstandard, perverse, freakish, bizarre, warped kinky, and perverted. Of  course this definition only stands if you have not already succumb to the idea that it  means nothing in our new modern society, which rejects God as He who sets the standard of morality for all of creation.

This new society that says it loves its children, but pays more attention to its pets, “but watch out pets, your next”, but I digress, is moving in a direction that once traveled, will without God  not be able to return from. It, society, is turning its children over to be burned as in the sacrifices of Molech, for it’s own selfish pleasures and gain. What a terrible price it is going to be  paid. How can you have so much contempt and hatred for your children that you would expose them to the content of such social media as, Teen Vogue or Unicorn Booty? These sites and their content are the antipathies of the direction for good godly clean living which our kids really deserve. They throw back in the face of God, rebellion against his word of good stewardship for the children, and his desire to fellowship with them, even at a young age, Matthew 19:14. O, but that’s right they don’t believe in God, and neither is this a Christian nation, any more. Even the United Nations has its hands in the  raising of “Deviant Children”. Read this interesting article from “The New American” entitled, “The Global School Board”, dated 19 May 2003, and also, Comprehensive sexuality Education. This perversion of our kids has been coming for a long time.

The children at the time of the sacrifices to Molech didn’t have a choice of whether our not they wanted to be burned alive, their parents sacrificed them based on their own disobedience to God, the hardness of their hearts, and their becoming like the idol worshippers around them, which God warmed them of. But that’s right again, this nation, or many in it in 2017 do not believe in God. So neither are many of the parents giving the children a choice of whether they want to become deviants or not. We are casting them into the arms of these perverse people, lovers of themselves, idol worshippers, and the systems that be, and are not even looking back. Society doesn’t care. The church cares but are demonized at every turn, and I might add, this is why the church must live above reproach, which is possible through the power of The Holy Spirit. Jesus sent him to keep us, the believers, until his great return. We can not afford to be afraid of the faces we stand before when it comes to the protection of our children. If the system of Baal will stand against our kids, than we must stand against the system of Baal. God loves his humanity, and even those who will stand against Him. He gives all who will a chance to repent and be converted. That’s why He sent his Son Jesus to die on the cross for all of our sins, St. John 3:16, but read 17-21 also, they speak of a world in 2017, where people prefer darkness rather than light, so they can continue to do their evil deeds, and now even teach them to their children, so the generations to come will be deviant and unrepentant, and because of it, live in the doom of judgement at Jesus Christ great return, “whether you believe it or not”.

This is not the end, it has yet to come. Let us teach our children they are loved of God. And in their mind, body, and soul, He has a greater, purer, and more profound purpose for their lives. Deviance is and un-natural state of mind for God’s creation. You are not born that way. It is a learned behavior, taught by people who hate God, and the thought of him. There is an old saying, that “misery loves company”. These people who teach this deviance to our kids are miserable, mean, nasty, and hatful people, and this is what they want of the generations to come. They walk around with smiles on their faces as if all is well with them, but it is not. Their souls are dying inside so they want to past this slow death on to our children. let us not allow this to happen, lets stand together against them, and for our children. God will be our strength!

St. Matthew 19:14







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