Generals Need Help?

If The Generals in U.S. Military need help on further directives based on the Presidents decision about transgender personal not serving in any capacity in the military, I might be able to give them some help, after all , how hard can it be? This is my personal short list. First, Let them serve out the remaining part of their current enlistment, and then Honorably Discharge them. Second, give them the option of re-enlistment based on the gender they were born as, to be proven by a DNA test if necessary, after all, DNA don’t lie. If these brave men and women want to serve their country, it shouldn’t matter to them if they have to do it based on their natural sexual orientation.

God made male and female, and they are all perfectly capable in their individual roles, each one being just as important as the next. Just as in Christianity, and the church, God is not the author of  confusion, and neither is He in nature. The transgender mindset breeds confusion, and as we can see, brings on confusion no matter where it presents itself. What restrooms will be used by whom? Who has to pay for their sex change? My taxes? Why? I don’t even believe in the mindset, I’m a Christian. In their Basic Military Training, who will shower with who, or will the military have to pay for a third set of showers, unisex? Who rooms with who in the dorms? Men with men, women with women, or transgender with whom ever they want? Is the choice yours, or is it directed by the leaders? Watch yourself leaders, you might be causing more confusion. Is it yes ma’am, when it should be yes sir, or no ma’am when it should be no sir? These mistakes could become write-ups for young nervous recruits. What doctor sees what soldier, based on what parts of that soldier have or have not been removed or replaced?

I will end my help to the Generals with this. Based on the two photos above, the Generals in the U.S. military know the aircraft on the left is an A-10 Thunderbolt. The one on the right is an F-22 Raptor. Each of these aircraft have their specific role in the air. Keep in mind, we’re talking about the aircraft, and not the pilots that fly them. Based on their design, their parts are not enter-changeable, wings, engines, wheels, guns, etc., the engineers developed them in a specific way for a very specific purpose. If used out of their purpose it could mean trouble for those depending on them. But used in their purpose they become the ultimate fighting machines. I hope you the reader get my point. There is no confusion about the purpose of these aircraft, and there certainly should be no confusion when it comes to our troops in the military. If there is no confusion, why is there such discussions taking place? After all, a male is a male, a female is a female, an A-10 is a A-10 and a F-22 is an F-22. No confusion there!

1 Corinthian 14:33

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