Foolish Baby killers!

How does the Bible describe a fool? What does the Bible say about being a fool?
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This is the state of the hearts of many in our nation today. It is especially descriptive of those who are in positions of political authority; the law makers (Supreme Court), executive branch, and congressional personnel. Whether Democratic or Republican; Black, White, Hispanic, Asian. They have all become fools, and foolish in their thinking. Many probably even profess to know God; maybe they know of him, but they don’t have a relationship with Him. This is proof positive by the fact that they will even entertain the thought of abortion and infanticide. This is foolish, even demonic. They have already led the youth of this nation to disregard God and the life that He alone can give. These fools have rejected God’s knowledge, and now our children are paying the price; Hosea 4:6.

God is The God of justice and judgement. He hates the shedding of innocent blood; Proverbs 6:16&17. So these fools who have no fear of God and His judgement, go about saving kittens but murdering kids. These Pharaoh and Herod hearted fools that deny Jesus Christ existence, while being used unknowingly by Satan, go about destroying life they cannot even give. Why do they hate the children so much? The children have become a bother to them. They fear them and have lost control over them. They, the children have become the murderers, the abortionist. These fools are killing them selves off and don’t even realize it. Because of their hatred for one Man, Jesus, not Trump, and His authority over them, they are trying to prove by killing children that they, not He, have power over life and death. O! What a Woe too these fools!

They, these fools, don’t know to thank God for His mercy; for every day they wake up is an opportunity for them to repent of their foolishness, change their direction, and be forgiven for their sins. Jesus died for these fools; and for myself I have received His salvation, as they should while there is yet a chance.

Acts 17:30

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