Beautiful Sight!

This “Beautiful Sight” seen in the skyline of Baton Rouge Louisiana exemplifies what the heart and spirit of our great nation should be. We are one nation under God. Because of His goodness and mercy, this nation has not been judged justly for its evil ways and deeds. God wants to lead this nation to greener pastures, but it does not want to go. Instead of desiring the still waters He has promised to lead us beside, this nation has opted for the turbulent seas of hatred, rebellion, and sin. The desire to have our souls restored is replaced by the lie that, ” there is nothing wrong with my soul”. We profess to need no comfort from God, so His rod and staff, and the security they bring mean nothing to this nation. God wants to prepare a table of peace for us to eat at in the presence of our enemies, yet we invite them in to war against us at that very table. The valleys and shadows of death that should cause us to seek God even the more no longer bring fear to us in this nation. He has given this nation an abundance of wealth, and we have shown poor stewardship in almost every way, especially with our children, who would be the strenght of this great nation. We have lost the ability to see the glory of God in all He has done for us, this nation, this one nation under God. What a “Beautiful Sight” it was to see those flags fly. As for me and my house, we will not forget His love, and we will serve the Lord, to dwell with Him in his kingdom, all the days of our lives. What about you?

Psalms 9:17

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