Our Poor Kids

Oh, “Our Poor Kids”. The kids of the  Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team, have come under the misfortune of losing their championship title Wednesday the 11th of February 2015, which they had won against the Las Vegas-based Mountain Ridge Little League team. This title allowed them to go on and play in the world championship game against South Korea, which they ultimately lost.

After reading story after story about the decision to strip the team of its title, vacate its victories, and suspend its manager, Darold Butler, and also to place the team on probation, not being able to compete in the tournament until its top leaders are replaced, I personally agree with the decision that was made. While the title was won by the kids on the field, it was the adults responsibility to make sure that the business off the field was put in order, apparently this was not done. I agree with the kids, they are true champions. The problem is with the adults in charge of putting things in order for these kids, they’re the losers. The worst part is not that they were either knowingly dishonest, or un-knowingly ignorant in how the team was put together. But now that they were caught by the League, or the league infraction has come to light, once again a racial foul is being called. I hope Mr. Victor Henderson, the attorney hired to determine the rights and wrongs of the case, will be the true voice of reason in this whole unfortunate situation.

“Our Poor Kids” deserve better. As a pastor, it is my responsibility to teach truth and integrity to all that will listen.Without doubt many of the families involved, whether they had kids playing on the team, or just involved in the support of the team, are Christians. If it is found that an infraction was done ignorantly, ( without proper knowledge of regulations), then it becomes a lesson learned for all involved. If it is found that dishonesty was involved in forming the team, then it also becomes a lesson learned, that cheaters will not prosper. The truth will come out eventually. Either way, “Our Poor Kids” deserve an apology. The un-reverend Jesse Jackson owes them an apology for once again leading them to the victim mentality. They need to know not everything unfortunate happens because of the color of their skin. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

I realize there are inequalities in our lives, in our society. But in all things Jesus Christ becomes and is the great equalizer. We need to teach our kids that honesty and integrity produce champions. In Jesus we are not victims. We need not cheat to win, and if we make mistakes we must learn to admit to them, and be prepared to suffer the consequences. Some of these consequences may seem, as it was put in one of the articles, overly harsh. Being a true champion is in the heart.

Hebrews 13:18


Cowards and/or Hypocrites, which is it. At the time of this post France has come under attack for its satirical look at Islam. Twelve people have been killed and scores injured. The media in the United States are trying to decide whether they will publish the images that got these poor people killed. The term, “freedom of speech” has come up of course, and grief is on display all over the world and the media. It is truly unfortunate that this has happened. In our country, the leaders of the nation are afraid  to confront Islam for what it is. What I think about Islam I will define in another post. But there seems to be no end to the restrictions and animus this country has towards true Christianity. No one seems to fear the consequences of coming against God’s elect, because we have become a nation of unbelievers. President Obama said it best when he said, and I quote, ” This is not a Christian nation”, unquote. This country is afraid of offending every nation and its leaders, but has no fear of God, and offending His elect. In case you don’t know, His people are His elect, the Christians that this nation is so quick to scoff at. So on the one hand this nation has become a nation of cowards, and on the other hand a nation of hypocrites. So I believe that answers the and/or question. The only other comment I will add to this post is, it is also a nation of reprobates. What is right in the eyes of God has become wrong to humanity, and what is wrong in the eyes of God has become right to humanity. And in this nation, don’t even mention Jesus, most people don’t want to hear about Him, let alone believe in Him. This thing that happened in France is just a part of the beginning of sorrows. As long as the cowards and hypocrites continue to defy The true and Living God and cast Jesus out of every aspect of their lives there will be no peace amongst mankind, whether you believe it or  not.

Isaiah 9:6&7


Because We’re Black?

Everyone I know, is keeping up with the news on the Michael Ferguson case, The Bill Cosby Woes, and the financial matters that tend to follow the not so Rev. Al Sharpton. The latter of course is the one that has all eyes on what could become that worst event since the Watts Riots. And all of this, because we are black? In all of my blogs I come from a Christian stand point, while not being ignorant of the carnal word view of what is taking place in society. I understand that there is an unequal number of blacks in the prison system, our unemployment is higher than all other ethnic groups, and from what we see on national television, more young blacks are being shout down in the streets than should be allowed. Yes, Black people are tired of what’s been going on, we are frustrated with the inequalities of black life, and we feel it is time for a change. From my Christian stand point, the change came over two thousand years ago, His name is Jesus, The Christ. Instead of the black Christian community turning to God for wisdom and understanding on how to truly deal with these woes, we say we have, and continue using the same mantra, It’s because we’re black. I think the black leaders that are truly saved, have forgotten who they serve and are feeling sorry for themselves, they have forgetting that Jesus is the Great Equalizer of all oppressed people, no matter what color they are. We, because I  am a black Pastor, and am watching this pitiful spectacle take place, need to make sure we truly believe that, if God be for us, He is more than the world against us. We need to start being honest with ourselves about the spiritual deterioration of our communities and churches. We allow our young men to talk, dress, disrespect elders, and the list goes on, and then say it’s because they are angry with the white man for all the  injustices they have done to us, past present and future, we know are going the come, because we are black. Slavery, and the Civil Rights era were truly unfortunate. They left a lasting legacy that will be in history forever, even until Christ return. But now besides the memory of them, we most let them go. They are not friends and are to be put away like pictures in a book of the past. Instead, because we are black, we let them, the memories of the past, keep us bound in anger, hatred and even rage, being stoked be unfaithful and ungodly ministers with personal motives, that are not for the edifying of this nation. Besides these ministers, you have the so-called civic leaders who’ s pride will go before their destruction, and their haughty spirits before their falls. We need to spend more time loving our children, communities, churches and nation enough, and not necessary in that order, to tell them the truth. Because we are black, the filthy music, sloppy clothes, parental friendships, dropping  out of school, drugs, alcohol, unattended children, drama, and the list goes on and on, causes us to be stand outs in society. Where there is color, there is beauty. If we would allow ourselves to, We could shine. But because we are black, we have become our own worst enemies, woe is us, we’ll prove we’re somebody. We will destroy our own communities, attack innocent people, and disrespect authorities. And all of this because we are black, and this is our payback to society. I will end with this, I can expect this from unsaved and godless people, but not from the household of faith. Remember church, this is where judgment must begin, in the house of God. And this is not, “Because We’re Black”.

Acts 10: 34 & 35

Well Done!

Just recently while watching TV, I came across the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”. After having seen it in part on other occasions, I had the opportunity to see it in full this time, while on vacation in sunny southern California I might add, sweet! but I digress. I noticed something in the movie I had not before. At the very end of the movie as the now aged Private Ryan stood in a national cemetery with his family, for he had gone to visit the grave sites of those he had fought with, especially the site of the Captain that Tom Hanks had played. He reminisced on what Tom Hanks had told him as he was dying, he said, “earn this”. I took this to mean, don’t let the death of those that came to take you home be in vain. As the aged Private Ryan stood, his wife walked up to him. He turned and asked her, ” Have I done well”, and once again I took this to mean, have I lived my life in a way that is worthy of my fallen comrades? During those D-Day battles, I can only imagine the death and carnage that took place, and as graphic a movie as Saving Private Ryan was, it probably pales to what really took place. That leads me to the question I would like to ask us, ” Have we done well”? For the Christian, this life is also filled with death and carnage. Most of the tine it is in more of a spiritual manner. The warfare that takes place in the heavens, often times with the saints of God right in the middle of them, can leave fields of destruction in the physical realm. God puts it on the hearts of other Christians to pray for their brothers and sisters that  are caught up in these wars, our lives depend on those prayers. It’s like the solders that were sent out to bring Private Ryan back, the prayers go out to God to rescue and bring back saints safely. So how do we live our lives after the saints have prayed and God has come to the rescue? Have we done well? Are we living our lives so when the time comes we will hear the words form God, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord”? I pray so. We don’t want the prayers of the Saints that have gone on before us to be in vain. And ultimately lets not be any more guilty of the blood of Jesus than we already have been. Let us live our lives well.

Proverbs 3:3-4

God Loves

 God loves His creation with an everlasting love. In His love for us God has set boundaries that we should not breach. The only way for them to be breached is through the decisions we make, freely. Everything God created was good, and when He created mankind He said that he was very good, Genesis 1:26-31. This very good was, (perfect), and still is. We choose to taint the perfection. The DNA of the male and female defines what they are. This is God’s seal of perfection on His creation. Mankind can only try to duplicate it, but he can never make it better. When the LGBT community says they where born the way they are they are saying God has created another species of mankind that is not recorded in the Hoy Scriptures. Or maybe they believe in their case God made a mistake, but no, we know they do not believe they are mistakes. Maybe they believe God made an exception for them at the time of their conception from their mother and father, this also is not so. It’s unfortunate that something has taken place in the life of these individuals, in their very early years, or maybe in their later years, that has caused them to make their choice of life style. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender life styles are chooses made by the individual that breach the boundaries of God. God has made a way for these breaches to be healed, just as He has for all sin; pornography, bestiality, pedophilia, racism, drunkenness, thievery, adultery, idolatry, witchcraft, necromancy, and the like, the list goes on. In the old and new testaments of the Holy Bible, God has set the boundaries for our living according to His love for us, and they have not and will not change. God is the same always, Hebrews 13:8. And for those who would try to separate God from Jesus, it cannot be done. God said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”, Luke 9:35.  Jesus said, “I and The Father are one”. John 10:30.

Because of God’s great love for us he has sent those who will tell His truth to them who will choose to breach His boundaries. We also have breached His boundaries at one time, but have determined to repent and be healed. To repent you must first admit you have sin. I had to admit I had sin, I John 1:8-10. Whether you are involved in the LGBT life styles or any of the other sinful life styles, God has sent His Son to redeem you from your sins.

I and those who have admitted our sin and been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, will not be ashamed to continue loving all of God’s creation they way we are supposed to. We are the “Repairers of the Breach” talked about in Isaiah 58:12. Our obedience to God, and the love for His Son Jesus compel us to pray in love for those who have made the decisions to breach the boundaries He has set. Our nation and the generations to come depend on the prayers of the righteous. If you want your prayers to be heard by God, but you have breached the boundaries set by Him, repent of your sins, receive His forgiveness. God loves us, but He haters our sin.

John 3:16-21, and Isaiah 58:1-14    

God’s Beautiful Work

If The church would just do right, it would look like the beautiful bride that it is supposed too. Help us Lord, for we have a long way to go. Without your Holy Spirit, we are doomed to continue in are sins. The beautiful work you want to do in and through us will be hindered by the wants of our flesh. Those abominations that have entered into the church unrepentant, believing they can change your mind in what you have said is clean and unclean, causing confusion to those who are ignorant of your true Holiness, allow the stain on the church to remain. God you are beautiful in Holiness, much more so than this rose. Jesus, your red blood was spilled for my sins and the sins of the world. You died for the church, that it would be glorious and powerful. Lord God, clean up our hearts, cause us to seek Your righteousness. Let not the church be pitiful and week, allowing anything to enter in, fearing the heathen as they rage. The beauty and strength of the church is the Lord Jesus, not the vain and filthy imaginations of His creation. Church, let us repent of our evil deeds and seek the Lord in true Holiness. Stand up against those things that defile the church. We do love everyone just as our Father does. But we also must hate the things He hates. We must fear God rather than man, not because he is a tyrant as some would suppose, but because he is loving, righteous, and just and will repay every man according to his ways and the fruit of his doings.
Jeremiah 17:9-10 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.”
So it is written, so it all shall come to pass.

Song Of Solomon 2:1 IMG_0614

Greedy Dogs!

“Greedy Dogs” is what God calls the blind watchmen of Israel in the book of Isaiah. The church is in distress because of these greedy dogs. Let’s see what the Word of God says about them. Isaiah 56:8-12,
8. “The Lord God which gathereth the outcast of Israel saith, Yet will I gather others to him.
9. All ye beast of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beast in the forest.
10. His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.
11. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.
12. Come ye, say they, I will fetch wine, and we will fill ourselves with strong drink; and tomorrow will be as this day, and much more abundant”.
God had made a promise to the nation of Israel, that was not a respect of persons. Read the first seven verses of this same chapter. God included all, even those who felt unworthy. And also the stranger that joined themselves to the Israelites under the covenant of God. Then God calls the greedy dogs, “beast of the field”, because that’s what they act like. They come to devour everything around them, they are greedy and selfish, and take advantage of them who are weak, and those who are weak and yet think they are strong. This prey is ignorant of the word of God just as the greedy dogs are ignorant of the judgment of God they are bringing on themselves.
And here we are today, in 2013, these men, and in some cases women, are looting the church for personal gain. They have no real love for God, for if they did, they would not have the contempt for His people that they do. There is nothing wrong with being rich, it’s the motive behind the wealth, and getting it, that can be a detriment to the one possessing it. These greedy dogs covet the wealth of others and will stop at almost nothing to get it. They become like the world in there hearts, and disregard the commandments of God to love His people and care for them. Yes, the workman is worthy of his hire, but these greedy dogs go far above this hire.
In I Timothy 6:7-12, the Apostle Paul warns the young minister Timothy of the love of money:
7. “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
8. And having food and raiment, let us be therewith content.
9. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lust, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
10. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
11. But thou, O man of God flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.
12. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold an eternal life, whereunto thou are also called, and has professed a good profession before many witnesses.
Some of these greedy dogs feel it is necessary to go on national TV and flaunt their foolishness before a nation that already does not take the church seriously. To the world the church has become full of hypocrites, thieves, whoremongers, homosexuals, liars and on and on.
Clarence McClendon, Ron Gibson, Noel Jones, Dietrich Haddon, Wayne Chaney, and Jay Haizlip, are just the latest to go on reality TV in the fall of this year, according to an article in the Christian Post, to bring more shame to the church that Jesus Christ died for. They think it is important to keep up with the world when it comes to possessions. They are no longer meek in their hearts, but ravenous wolves, beasts of the field, and reprobate in their spiritual understanding. They have become friends with the world and enemies to God.
These men need much prayer, and someone to tell them the truth. They may not agree, or even listen, but they must be given the opportunity to repent of there evil ways, after that it truly is between them and God.

I Timothy 6:10